Seether: Finding Beauty In Negative Spaces
Seether: Finding Beauty In Negative Spaces / Seether
Shaun Morgan: "I would like to thank family, friends, bands and fans across the world thank you for helping me and my family through this tough time. Eugene, I will miss you forever and keep you in my heart. I love you, little brother. Rest in Peace."
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Straight Line Stitch: When Skies Wash Ashore
Straight Line Stitch: When Skies Wash Ashore / Straight Line Stich.
Her multi-octave range frenzies as hard as any dude behind a mike, and easily transitions into a soulful, nearly R&B singing style that makes SLS totally unique in what they bring to the table.
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Hatebreed's Jamey Jasta
Hatebreed's Jamey Jasta / Hatebreed
Well, my philosophy with the whole label is that I want to work with young bands that are hardworking and they know that they have to do everything themselves. Either you have it or you don't. You're never going to acquire, like, no one's ever going to say to you, "Here you go. Here's record sales and huge tours." You've got to work for it, and either you have that attitude or you don't. That drive, I mean.
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Show Reviews

Six Feet Under Makes Atlanta Bleed 10/19/03 The Masquerade Atlanta, GA
Okay. You missed it. It was Sunday, and you decided to stay home. Aren’t you fucking stupid?!? It wasn’t like there was anything fucking fantastic on TV. It wasn’t like they were charging forty bucks to get into The Masquerade, although they easily could have. –The touring bands were pretty fucking excellent, but I wanted a lot more out of As I Lay Dying. As I Lay Dying (lets hope I got the name right, this boy had a hellish echo on his microphone) was opening for Behemoth on the Un-Natural Born Killers Tour
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13 Stories is: Cheri D, Lead Vocals and Keyboard. Cat, Guitar and Vocals. J3, Bass and Vocals. Max, Drums.
Even though I am the high priestess of metal and shit that makes you bang your head-I like something different every now and again. The day after the twister, I wanted to try something a little different.
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Adrian Legg Puts His Spell On Atlanta
Adrian Legg played to an overflowing Red Light Café. This small Atlanta venue was standing room only, and it was cozy. The Red Light Café has recovered from the fire. His set was simple- a chair, a couple of lights, his microphone stand and his gear.
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Billy Talent at The Cotton Club
The Cotton Club is a cool little venue. It holds about six hundred and makes you feel close to whoever is on the stage. I was able to catch Billy Talent when they opened for The Buzzcocks on July 16th. The Buzzcocks are a classic-I like them. Everybody with a fucking brain likes them, but I went for Billy Talent. I wanted to see this band up close and personal,
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Cowboy Mouth at Music Midtown X: -WHO GIVES A FUCK ABOUT THE TWISTER
From: New Orleans.
"Cowboy Mouth is a rock and roll orgasm that dares to celebrate the fact that we are all alive!" according to crazed drummer and lead singer Fred LeBlanc.
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Die Trying Rattles the Big Rock

Die Trying is: Jassen (vocals), Jack (guitars), Steve (bass) and Matt (drums)-They go by their first names, nothing else matters. 99X is notorious for bringing the hot new shit out first. 99X was the first to play Godsmack in Hotlanta-so 99X brings us Die Trying. Die Trying blasted onstage with an energy that vibrated the crowds eyeballs.

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Music Midtown: After the Twister Part Three
I canít find a fucking thing about Favorite on the net. I think they are on RCA, but they arenít listed on RCA records at all. I would have loved to cover them just a little fucking more. They rocked. They rolled. They were fucking great. I have no fucking idea where they are from.
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Man Made God Rolls the Big Rock: 99X Big Rock Show at Stone Mountain
I am 99X-never were truer fucking words spoken. The 99X shows at Stone Mountain are the best deal in the state. Show your little freeloader card and see the greatest, hottest, rock bands in the whole fucking world for free. One of the greatest, hottest fucking rock groups to hit The Rock was Man Made God from California. 99X usually starts out the shows
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Neil Young and Crazy Horse
Neil Young played with Crazy Horse on June 11th at a venue that I absolutely love-Chastain Park. ĖChastain never fails to inspire me. I got the idea for a psychic rock and roll magazine at Chastain during a Cranberries concert. Neil hit the stage in his trademark baseball cap and guitar to explain Greendale. I have to admit that the Harley microphone stands were cool, but I wanted to see Neilís face. ĖSo, I hopped up the center on got down on my knees to take a shot or two. I didnít block any fans.
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From: Atlanta, GA.
I was in the mood to try some different shit again after a fun little set by 13 Stories. Why the fuck not? I love the Music Midtown locals stage best anyway. Those guys on the local stage are the ones you can find in Creative Loafing and go see on a Saturday night.
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Skid Row 08/06/2003 ē HI-FI Buys - Atlanta, GA - USA
Skid Row is: Johnny Solinger, vocals. Rachel Bolan, bass. Scotti Hill, guitar. Phil Varone, drums. Dave ĎThe Snakeí Sabo, guitar.
This isnít the same Skid Row you are going to remember from the days you were singing fucking 18 and Life at the top of your lungs. This is Skid Row for 2003, and oh my god what a fucking set they put on! The new lead singer, Johnny Solinger, can carry Sebastian Bachís range
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Southside Johnny and The Asbury Jukes: -I LOVE MUSIC MIDTOWN X
When I was a kid, I used to try to sneak into The Stone Pony in Jersey to hear Southside Johnny and The Asbury Jukes. To me, they were the fucking coolest. They were rock and roll. They had a horn section. They had guitars. They had a rhythm section. To me, little Yonkers kid that I was, they were the biggest band in the world, or at least they had the most people.
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Vince Neil 7
Look, can we talk? Back in 1983 when Motley Crue released Shout At The Devil, nobody gave a fuck about this accident he was in where the drummer from Hanoi Rocks-Razzle Dingley was killed. It sucked. It was a fucking tragedy-but it never dampened the impact of the music that Motley Crue was putting out-and that is what I mean by nobody gave a fuck.
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Whirlwind Heat Cooks Up The Big Rock
Whirlwind Heat is hot hot hot. They get on stage and fucking explode like six million Roman candles on the fourth of July. I want to call Whirlwind Heatís sound punk rock.
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The White Stripes Paint The Big Rock: 99X Show, Stone Mountain
The White Stripes packed so many people into the 99X Big Rock Show that Stone Mountain was forced to close the gates and not let anyone else in. Stone Mountain is pretty fucking big, and that is quite an accomplishment isnít it? -It just goes to prove that 99X has its collective finger on the pulse of Atlanta. Once again 99X, MusicIncider thanks you.
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Riding the Whitesnake in Atlanta
Ok, where the fuck were you? I think you missed the show of a lifetime if you stayed home. It was Whitesnake playing songs off the 1987 album with two off of Slip of the Tongue. Did you fuck up and stay home? I forgive you, but you should not forgive yourself. What the hell is wrong with you, did you forget to take your prozac? -In 1973, Deep Purple hired David Coverdale. So, yes-Coverdale is an original metal father.
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Saliva Shatters the Big Rock
From: Memphis, TN

I would go see Saliva perform every day if I could. I think about twenty thousand people would go see Saliva perform every day if they could. 99X treated us to them for a second time in two months at The Big Rock in Stone Mountain-the first time they played the 99X stage at Music Midtown in May on Josey Scottís birthday. Both times, Saliva blew Atlanta away.
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Jane's Addiction
Show Review to come
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Korn: Twisted Transistor
Korn: Twisted Transistor / Korn
Reviews for Korn's Twisted Transistor will sex up Issue7 soon!
ANew Revolution: Rise
ANew Revolution: Rise / ANew Revolution
The last time I talked to Joey Duenas was Ozzfest 2003. He was a very honest, open and yet shy personality who knew exactly where he wanted to go musically.
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Indigo Girls: Despite Our Differences
Indigo Girls: Despite Our Differences / Indigo Girls
I've had "Despite Our Differences" now for over a year and I never get tired of it. It is perfect driving music; melodious anthems for feelin' free, inspired, and ready to change the world.
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